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Using Lights Outdoors Description

Join Ali Alriffai for this course of using lights outdoors as he goes through the basics of strobe lighting basics and how to use strobes to overpower the sun.

Getting out of the studio and make the most of your photography assignment by combining strobe and natural light.

Ali Alriffai will be breaking down his work and then shooting a cyclist athlete with a live demo explaining all his light process from A to Z, so that you can go out on location and capture great images.

Then we get to see all the magic of post-processing after capturing the live demo with Ali.

Course Information

Ali Alriffai

Ali Alriffai

Ali Alriffai, Born and raised in Manama, Bahrain. An award-winning and acclaimed commercial and editorial photographer based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, proves the adage every time he gets behind a camera. Ali's passion for photography started in 1996 while still working at a private company. His career took off eight years later in 2004 when advertising agencies started to notice his work.

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