Editorial Fashion Photography

Lara Zankoul

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In this fashion photography course, Lara Zankoul will be teaching you how to make a look book and the concept of fashion photography. She will walk through briefly from scouting, casting, styling, execution, and retouching.

She will be demonstrating many examples and modules inside a studio where we use from one light strobe to multiple light strobes. Also using several creative techniques to enhance the beauty of the Image.

Then going outdoors to an exotic location located in Dubai, where sand dunes are filling abandoned homes, Lara gets to teach you how to shoot outdoors with natural lights and also the importance of the relation between the location and the concept of the Editorial shoot.

The best thing about the online photography course is that an entry-level can learn and utilize this class as its really informative and easy to execute. You will be very confident when you shoot next after this class whether it’s for yourself or if it’s for a client. The editorial fashion photography course contains 29 online lessons with demonstrations of professional fashion photography from lighting to choosing the location to studio shooting and post-processing.

Course Information

Lara Zankoul

Lara Zankoul

Lara Zankoul, is an interdisciplinary artist based in Beirut, Lebanon. Her work captures everyday human behavior and issues that occur within society through photographic media. The aim is to invite the viewers to come up with their own interpretation and understanding of the photographs and the stories behind them. Her signature work not only stands out in its conceptual identity, but also in its timelessness.

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