Cityscape & Architecture Photography

Dany Eid

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Dany Eid

Dany Eid

Dany Eid is a photographer based in Dubai, UAE. He was born and raised in Lebanon, studied interior design and painting. Years ago he left his home country and became an expat, moving to different countries in the Middle East. Moving from one city to the other and the big diversity that the Middle East offers along with his passion for travel exploring the world as well as the homesickness to the place where he grew up had a big influence on his photography.

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Cityscape & Architecture Photography Description

Join Dany Eid’s class and you’ll learn about the best approach to photographing both cityscapes and landscapes in one online course.

From gear and exposure to light and post-processing, master the cityscape & architecture photography workflow with the amazing photographer Dany Eid. The photography course contains 18 lessons that provide professional guidelines for how to select your gears, advantages of Tilte-shift lenses, the art of framing, creating a panorama image, and how to post-process RAW images. additionally, the online course provides a live demonstration of cityscape photography as well as extensive guidelines of travel photography and landscape.

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