Architectural Photography (Perspectives & Techniques)

Nour El Refai

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Bonus Classes

  • 11 video lessons in HD
  • In the bonus section, you get to learn how to take shots in tight areas in a Villa.
  • Nour will be explaining in the end how to send and publish your work with clients.
Nour El Refai

Nour El Refai

Nour El Refai (b. 1983 - Cairo, Egypt) is a photographer. He obtained a degree in Architecture at Cairo University and has been working as an Architectural photographer in the MENA region since 2005. He also covered documentary stories and worked on assignments in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, India, and Turkey. His work has been published in the Financial Times, The Huffington Post and many more.

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Architectural Photography Course Description

Nour El Refai will guide you step-by-step through the process of capturing an architectural image. Learn about photography gears and camera settings for different types of interiors and buildings. The course contains 34 online sessions that provide in-depth insights into the world of architectural photography in terms of perspectives and techniques.

In this architectural photography course, there is an online live demonstration for interior photography, office spaces, hotel rooms, villas and residential.

The course will help you unlock all the complications you had from capturing the image and post-processing it. Furthermore, this online course also provides professional tips on how to send your images to clients and how to publish your work.

Course Information

Architectural Photography (Perspectives & Techniques)